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Welcome to the home of Utopian Nightmare We are a 10-man progression oriented raiding guild on the Dawnbringer server.  Our focus is on successfully raiding end-game content, but also enjoying the time that we spend playing the game (yes, it is still just a game....).

We have an experienced core group of members who raid, but also are alt and casual friendly for leveling, PvP, Heroic and Old World dungeon runs.
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Mosephus, Dec 9, 11 5:15 AM.
Hagara Downed (4/8):

3/8 in Dragon Soul

Mosephus, Dec 8, 11 3:53 PM.
First Shots at Dragon Soul

Two Down

Mosephus, Sep 2, 11 6:40 AM.

One old, one new.

Mosephus, Aug 18, 11 11:59 PM.

Shannox downed. 1/7 in Firelands.

Mosephus, Aug 17, 11 6:10 AM.
No one remembered SS for Shannox kills, 
so we get Thunderfury instead:

That looks like Cho'gall

Mosephus, Jun 3, 11 6:12 AM.

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